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News Page (updated  02 November 2019)


Members of Post 136 that are celebrating birthdays in November:

Richard Bennett - 11/28

Robert Coffman - 11/24

Richard Dentzman - 11/14

Gregory Genova - 11/3

Richard Harris - 11/4

William Matis - 11/27

Betty Dawson - 11/6

Ben Steed - 11/27

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Member recuperating from fall 
Archie Davis, a WWII veteran and member of Post 136, recently lost his balance and took a bad fall.  Mr. Davis had a successful surgery and is now recuperating while undergoing physical therapy.  With his membership renewal for 2020, Mr. Davis is beginning his 57th year as a member of The American Legion and is the longest-serving member of Post 136. 
Cards can be mailed to Mr. Davis at Franke Home in Mount Pleasant.     


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Daniel W. Cotto (May 2, 1942 -  October 2019)

Mr. Cotto was born in Englewood, NJ.  After spending many years of his childhood in Staten Island, NY, Dan moved to Palisades Park, NJ.  Dan served in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Alaska.  After his military service, Dan attended the Police Academy in NJ and began a 28-year career in law enforcement.  Dan will be missed by all that knew him for his love and kindness.  


Court Rules VA Must Pay*

By USVCP Staff Writers
September 12, 2019             

In the past, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was adamant it did not have to pay emergency room medical bills for veterans who sought out treatment at civilian hospitals.  Now, all veterans who were forced to pay out of pocket hospital bills from non-VA emergency rooms recently received a major reprieve. 

On September 11, 2019, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) ruled that the VA is responsible for reimbursing veteran's who spent money in non-VA emergency rooms.

The court found the VA's 2018 reimbursement policies to be in violation of the Emergency Care Fairness Act of 2010 which requires VA to reimburse veterans if they have to pay out of pocket for emergency room expenses at a non-VA facility.

According to the U.S. Court of Appeals, the VA has wrongfully been denying veterans’ claims while also misrepresenting a regulation that entitles them to reimbursement veterans.

*Reprinted from U.S. Veteran Compensation Program website