The American Legion Post 136 is a non-profit organization. The Post does not have any paid employees. Therefore, all donations received, other than what must be forwarded to State and National, will be presented to organizations that support veterans who are in need. There are many other organizations the Legion supports that are not related to veterans and, as we grow, it is our intent to support them as well. The list of organizations that provide assistance to veterans is long and all are listed on the National American Legion website. The opinion of all officers of Post 136 is to keep donation funds in our local community whenever possible.

When our Post has sufficient membership size that we can have a permanent building, it is likely that we could have a canteen. Many larger post have paid employees but 100% of all wages come directly from the revenue generated from the sell of food and beverages in the canteen. Excess funds over and above operating expenses for the canteen are donated to the Post.

Companies donate time and services to The American Legion free of any fees. This website is a service maintained and provided at no cost to our Post by Visaxio a company located in Radford, VA. Contact Visaxio at e-mail address or call (888) 989.3500.

Our Charities

  • American Legion Charities
  • Legacy Scholarship Fund
  • National Emergency Fund (NEF)
  • Endowment Fund
  • Child Welfare Foundation
  • Operation Comfort Warriors
  • Soldier's Wish

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